Drug Detox Centers in DeKalb, IL

Addiction isn't something anybody plans on when they take a drink or use drugs for the first time. For a lot of addicts though, addiction takes hold quickly and refuses to let go. Drug detox centers in DeKalb can help you battle your demons and take charge of your life again.

The problem is that many addicts simply don't believe that detox is right for them. The fact is that there are drug detox programs out there for every addiction and every single person that feels like they're struggling.

No matter what kind of substance you're abusing, seeking help through the drug detox process can change your life. Help is just around the corner. You don't have to stay addicted or fight on your own anymore.

What Is Drug Detox?

When you use and abuse drugs for a long period of time, addiction begins to take hold. Mental or emotional addiction often comes first, followed by a real physical need to use and abuse your substance of choice. A Drug rehab program in DeKalb may include medically assisted detox for your safety and a better chance at recovery.

Emotional addiction is hard enough, but once you're physically addicted, withdrawal symptoms come into play that can make quitting drugs very difficult. Many addicts simply can't get through withdrawal on their own and go back to using almost right away.

Even addicts who want to quit have a difficult time with detox on their own. That's why professional drug detox centers in DeKalb can be so beneficial for individuals trying to get sober.

In most cases, the drug detox process begins with an evaluation. Like all addicts, each addiction is different and needs to be treated as such. Doctors, medical professionals, and addiction specialists can help you develop a plan to get sober in their facility.

In some cases, medicine is administered to help control cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Support groups and other types of therapy also begin once you enter drug detox centers in DeKalb.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Drug Detox

Drug detox programs aim to make the process easier for addicts who want to quit. That's why medical detox programs offer special drugs and addiction treatment in DeKalb to make the process easier for those that are struggling with withdrawal.

Common withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug detox process include:

  • Depression and anxiety. Many people who are going through the drug detox process feel anxious or depressed for the first few days. Medicine is commonly given to patients to help control these feelings, especially in severe cases where suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm are present.
  • Shaking, sweater and tremors. General flu-like feelings are common when an addict goes through drug detox centers in DeKalb. Medicine is sometimes provided, but many addicts get through these symptoms within 72 hours.
  • Nausea and vomiting. Feeling sick and being unable to eat is a regular withdrawal symptom that addicts often go through. Drug detox programs often administer anti-nausea medication to help people going through withdrawal eat. Aspiration, vomiting in your sleep, is also a major concern during the first few days of detox. That's one main reason that medical detox is much safer than trying to detox on your own.
  • Inability to rest or sleep. Rest is an essential part of healing from an addiction, but many addicts find themselves aggravated and unable to relax. An elevated heart rate is also a concern for many people going through drug detox, especially if they are quitting drugs after years of abuse.
  • A headache and muscle tension. Headaches are a common part of quitting drugs and alcohol, but medicine can help to relieve these. In some cases, headaches can be severe and similar to migraines. The tension throughout the body can also make it difficult for some addicts to deal with when they're trying to quit drugs.

These are just a few of the most common symptoms of withdrawal. Different people experience different withdrawal symptoms and there's not always a one-size-fits-all cure. That's why drug detox centers in DeKalb should be tailored to your individual needs.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Detox Center?

Drug detox programs can be scary for addicts, but they can help you in the long-term. In fact, many people who go through drug detox begin to feel better about themselves and their chances of beating an addiction within the first few days of treatment. Call DeKalb Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

You'll still have a long road ahead of you, but drug detox can help you change your life for good.

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